Images of School

A look at the infrastructure will give you a virtual experience of the kind of prevailing fun-filled atmosphere. We ensure that every care is taken to make schooling years a wholesome experience for not just the students but for their parents as well.

Annual Function Pictures

The listed images of the annual function celebrations take you on an engrossing tour of the jubilant celebrations. Through various socio-cultural events, the achievements of the academic year are marked.

School Tour Picture

The sprawling set-up and mesmerizing details of the campus buildings, classrooms, sports-facilities, labs, project rooms, creative spaces etc. can be seen through here. The entire tour offers a visual treat with the bird’s eye details of the campus.

Summer/Winter Activities Pictures

Here, you can see the various seasonal activities that are underway for the overall engagement of the students. At the school, we assimilate these healthy habits as an integral part of the learning framework.

Sports Events Pictures

The various sporting meets and activities can be seen here. Through our integrated sports programs, we stimulate and nurture the sporting spirit in our students.

Competition Events Pictures

The essential competition-based events are regular features of the school. Through these events, the students hone their various skills and test their full potential.
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