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The Charter School – CBSE School in Kochi, Kerala

MUST KNOWWhy The Charter School

At The Charter School, prime focus is on the evolution of children as world-class citizens with alpha learning skills. The curriculum is crafted with inquisitive zeal and is aimed at complete, conceptual understanding. The importance given to inspiring creativity makes us promulgate experience-based learning for children where they are encouraged to express themselves with confidence. We believe in harvesting thought -based learning, which means that the child gains practical depth of knowledge in concepts. Our teacher-student ratio is very low and therefore, every teacher is able to gauge and appreciate specific needs of each child. Teaching methods are inclusive of student-participation and encourage scientific temper at all spheres. At The Charter School, our aim is to place children firmly on the path of all-round educational expansion, so that they assimilate the best practices in life.

The Charter School - CBSE School in Kochi, Kerala
The Charter School - CBSE Primary School in Kochi

THE CHARTER SCHOOLOur Holistic and Inclusive Approach

We are totally committed to building and cradling a stress-free and creative learning environment for your child where complete care is taken to ensure a self-motivated development. At The Charter School, we encourage independent thinking and analytical values in students so that they go on to achieve unexplored possibilities in life. The whole dynamics of learning have been engineered for symmetrical progress and holistic skill-development for children. Shaped on world-class parameters, The Charter School offers a huge world of forerunning prospects and time-tested inclusive moral development for your child.

If I was given the privilege to stop time or a chance to let a moment last a little longer,that would be my time as a student at The Charter School.For me, every day that passed during my time as a Charterian was unique and special.As a student here at Charter, I believe that each exciting lesson I’ve learned wassomething that I would carry on throughout my journey in life. Each one of us here wastaught to acquire not only knowledge from books, but valuable lessons of the world andlife that surrounds us.The Charter school gave me, and all students a chance to shine and bring out the best inus. It is a place that opened us to a wider world of learning. I was taught to learn beyondboundaries and believe in limitless possibilities.Thank you, teachers, for moulding me to who I am now.This is where I was taught to dream big. From here I move on to catch that big dream.
Zaira Sameer.G

It was privilege for us to watch our kids delivering presentation and exhibiting their skills with your guidance and training. Our parents never had a chance interact with the gurus except on PTA meetings and annual days.As we walked through the exhibition venues of knowledge, we learned many new things. Interaction with kids opened our minds to new genuine method of presentations which in some venues were more lively than corporate ones which in our walks of life are forced to deliver. These grand efforts from charter keeps child enthused.From the mission of not limiting child by teaching and learning with enthusiasm,encouragement, openness attracts us more towards Charter Pedagogy.We would like to extend our support to such events giving students international outlook while respecting traditional style not limiting child to achieve their limitless possibilities.
With love and regards.
Sujith & Tincy for Thomas G2 Zeta


Individual Attention - Kindergarten Education In Cochin
Individual Attention

We understand that each child is uniquely gifted and at Charter, we shape this gift in an environment where each child receives specific attention.

The Charter School - Kindergarten School Function in Kochi
Education that lets your child explore

Education shapes innate creativity in each child and we nurture this spirit of creative thinking by empowering your child to explore and conquer new horizons.

Facilities at The Charter School - CBSE School on Cochin
World-Class Facilities

With world-class infrastructure, ultra-modern, open, and interactive zones for learning and extra-academics, the Charter fulfills the very definition of global standards for your child.

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With full emphasis on the regularity of routines, The Charter rolls out a weekly calendar wherein the basic activities and events, etc. are fully detailed with due timings.

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