ACADEMICSApproach to Learning

The learning culture that The Charter School imbibes is rooted in inculcating an independent, creative, enterprising value system in young minds, so that they can grow up to become world-citizens. The essential topography of our educational approach is summed up as:

a. Aimed at completely holistic nurturing of students.
b. Driven with zestful spirit of inclusive learning experience for students as well the parent-community through inclusion and active involvement in the learning process.
c. Based on elemental pattern of “Diversity, Discipline and Dedication”
d. A transparent and purposeful stance that permits “enablement of education” in all spheres of both academic and extra-academic domains.
e. An integrated model for fostering most benign core values of collaboration, cooperation and capability in students.

AT CHARTERStudent Support Services

For efficient propagation of learning values, having a robust support system is mandatory. The support system that we provide to students is based on counseling through interaction. The multiple features of our support system are:

  • Understanding of individually specific needs of each student
  • Meeting the expectations of students and parents through individual attention to each student.
  • Giving a diverse atmosphere where the career and learning support system is vibrant.
  • Working on particular areas of improvement separately with each student.
  • Expert guidance for further learning development and career options.
  • Collaboration with other institutes for mutual exchange of support structures.


1. An inclusively playful learning atmosphere for cognitive focus development
2. Featured focus on nature-observation, building blocks, recycling exercises, storytelling, etc.
3. Social interaction and expression during circle time sessions.

Primary School

1. English literacy, Mathematics, Physical and Health education, art, design, and digital learning.
2. Extra sessions on music, drama, and Social and community service.
3. Springboard Program through fun-filled activities.

Secondary School

Academic transition through higher levels of subject-ranges and studies.

1. Focus on Personal and Emotional Development.
2. Development of reasoning and analytical skills-set.
3. Higher skill-proficiency in multi-cultural activities.

Meet Our Faculty

The Charter boasts of a proficient, professionally trained and highly commendable faculty of dedicated experts. Our faculty is fully committed to building the strongest learning bases for the students and for propagating a sense of ethical values in their minds.


Stage 1 Coordinator (Pre K to Grade 2)

Sameera Basheer

Stage 2 Coordinator (Grade 3 to Grade 9)

R Latha Nair

CCA Coordinator


As a premier center of learning, we provide a treasure-house of knowledge in the form of libraries. The salient features of our libraries are:

  • Well-stocked with diverse subject matters including academic and extra-academic study material.
  • Guided reading accessibility and experience under the mentorship of experts.
  • Stocked and maintained for infusing a sense of curiosity and global-perspective amongst students.
  • Usage of ultra-modern digital technology for making reading a completely enthralling experience for the conceptual understanding of students.


Extra-academic activities form an integral part of a child’s mental, psychological, and general development. Summertime is a fun-time for exploration where students are encouraged to pursue their creative talents. The list of summer activities offered includes:

  • Creative activities like painting and art events to engage the students objectively during summers.
  • Outdoor camping/excursion trips with guided tours.
  • Extra “time-out” activities like extra-sessions for dance, drama, and theatrics.
  • Sessions on the techniques of recycling and for spreading general awareness about cleanliness initiatives.
  • Sessions for encouraging students to conceive, plan, and implement independent collaborative and participative projects.


For the overall benefits of students, we offer critical educational technological support that includes:

  • Customized technology is enabled for students directly through online questionnaires, interactive sessions, and the various requirements are addressed.
  • Online recorded classroom lectures and cloud-information storage so that students can access the study material anytime and from anywhere.
  • Audio-Visual aids for classroom lectures
  • Online augmented learning experience for students through digital modes.
  • Online learning analytics for a high-tech educational procedure for students.

Download eBrochure

Download The Charter Brochure here and get an insight into the best schooling practices of a global nature.

Download eBrochure

Download The Charter Brochure here and get an insight into the best schooling practices of a global nature.
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