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Welcome from Ms Molly Cyril

The Academic Advisory

Dear Parent, 

Greetings to you from The Charter School! I trust you have had an enjoyable summer break with the family. 

The school is gearing up to begin the new academic year shortly. We are looking forward to a great start with the children, putting behind us the past 2 years. No doubt the pandemic taught us important life lessons – most of all to be resilient, resourceful and positive. 

You would have read from Ms Sapnu’s letter about the changes to our leadership. After 31 years of full-time work as a teacher, Principal and Administrator, I decided that it was time for a new role. It has been a very fulfilling experience so far and I cherish the time spent with students, teachers, parents, staff members and the innumerable people who cross one’s path each day. I have very much enjoyed setting up the school and closely overseeing its development during the past 6 years. 

It is important for me personally, to stay connected to the world of children and education, so I am glad to continue my journey with The Charter School as a member of the Advisory Board. This will help to stay connected with the school and support the academic, non-academic and admin matters. I will be working closely with the management and leadership team, and coming to school as needed and would certainly not miss our important annual events.  

Ms Sameera Basheer has been promoted to Vice-Principal. She has been with the school since its inception and will certainly be able to take it forward on the path of progress. We have a team of committed teachers who have proved their mettle over the past years. New staff have also joined in, bringing in with them their wealth of experience and talent.

The Charter School Pricipal

As you are aware, the school is now affiliated till Grade 12 and we are very excited to be starting our first Grade 11 batch this academic year. 

The Academic and Admin Blocks have been refurbished to match the needs of the growing student strength. There are four brand new laboratories that have come up for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. The School infrastructure and all the shared facilities that Charter has been keenly awaiting are finally coming together. The much sought after swimming pools will be ready soon. A multipurpose auditorium, performance hall and cafeteria are also under construction. 

As we all know ‘change is constant and embracing change leads to growth. The change we have already seen with the TRINS Management has surpassed developments seen thus far. They bring with them 20 years of experience and a deep-seated commitment to providing the highest quality of education. 

Let us work together to support the school and its student community as it grows from strength to strength. 

Warm regards,

Molly Cyril

THE CHARTER SCHOOLMission & Core Values

Mission Statement

At The Charter School, our efforts are directed towards understanding and channeling the limitless possibilities within each child. We strive to create eager and self-motivated learners who become balanced, self-disciplined, reflective, proactive and responsible individuals with competencies that modern life demands. We ensure that the boundaries of imagination that children are born with is preserved and allowed to soar even while they engage in absorbing and internalizing the knowledge imparted to them, thereby becoming a passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world.


At The Charter School, our efforts are directed towards exploring and channeling the limitless possibilities within each child. Our core values strengthen our purpose and reflect in every aspect of our endeavour.

Channeling curiosity
We believe that learning is a lifelong process and strive to create learners who are eager and self-motivated. Our participative and interactive methodologies awaken inherent curiosities and make learning an engaging experience.

Celebrating uniqueness
Strongly upholding our conviction that each child possesses a unique blend of inclination and competencies, our learning environment provides opportunities to identify and explore such singularities.

Developing holistically
Along with developing competencies that modern life demands, our method also lay focus on the growth of social and emotional intellect of our students. We combine modern and traditional educational methods to shape individuals who are proactive and responsible.

The Charter Curriculum Design (CCD)

CCD ensures that every child develops the attributes, knowledge and skills needed to do well in school and life in general. In addition to academic excellence the defined objective is to enable each child to be a curious learner a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor.

Curriculum framework
• The Charter school's innovative curriculum incorporates the best global practices into the CBSE framework.
• The Charter Curriculum Design framework provides opportunities for sensory and experiential learning for the students.
• An evolving curriculum, designed for the 21st century students by the 21st century educators, keeping in mind that we are teaching the students of tomorrow..
• The primary purpose is to create the right environment for a child to develop into an empowered individual and responsible world citizen.
• Our curriculum is the sum total of all the specifically planned set of academic and co- curricular educational experiences provided to the student at the school.
• The curriculum is unique in its blend of inventive thinking and differentiated learning approaches.
• Assessment is a continuous and reflective process within the curriculum framework that emphasizes the progress of every student.

Accreditation and Affiliations

The school is duly affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). All the rules and regulations are covered under this affiliation.

Academic Leadership

Our highly qualified, trained and competent faculty is completely innovative with a pioneering approach. The teaching methodologies are richly diverse, aimed at guiding the students in establishing their specific strong bases for life.

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