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At The Charter, every day is a myriad of fullest and enriching experiences! The students not only learn with an open intuitional experience but also develop a keen eye for tiniest of details. With our platform of building and nurturing motivation through hands-on subjective knowledge that transcends mere informational networking, The Charter is a semblance of shaping and mentoring your child’s inner aptitude. Charter forms a wholesome spectrum of enlightenment through involvement and this is what makes everyday life at Charter an unparalleled and unassailable remembrance for the days to come.
Physical Sports & Athletics
We believe in the providing to all kind of need of students in training them mentally and physically for which we created a sports-structure is one of a kind.
Caring & Sharing
We necessarily believe in instilling a socially responsible spirit amongst our students and for this purpose, we engage our students at different levels in society.
Communication & soft skills
We guide the students to creative design thinking which leads to unique performing arts including Music, Dance, Drama and many more.

Student Health & Counselling

The school has a fully-functional medical center, and we use the dedicated services of a full-time, qualified, and trained school nurse for looking after basic healthcare and treatment of minor ailments. The health services that we have are modeled as per government rules and regulations.

In the event of any medical issue, proper and prompt medical attention is given and the parents are duly notified. In addition, we ensure that regular health check-ups and awareness events are regularly undertaken at the school.


Co-Curricular Enrichment

As co-curricular development programs are an essential part of the learning atmosphere at The Charter, due attention is given to various such programs. Co-curricular enrichment programs imbibe academic brilliance in a fun-filled manner. The activities like Academic seminars, Maths Clubs, Chess Events, Spelling Bees, showcasing of talents etc. are regularly held under laid down rules and regulations.
This enrichment combines a general sense of intellect with sporting amusement. On the whole, this is extremely beneficial for the development of personal intelligence together with various social skills like teamwork, public-expression etc.

Field Tours

Study tours are yet another important step towards inter-institutional and inter-regional alignments and partnerships. These tours are beneficial for the overall broadening of the student’s perspective. The importance of understanding diversity in live environments and different regions is understood by our young minds. This enables them to cultivate healthy intellectual, academic and social skills.
Study tours lead to visual learning experiences for development of logical insight. Besides, this also allows the students to develop their opinions in an interactive environment.
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Upper Kakkanad, Kochi Kerala
Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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